About Rob

After a successful professional career in geographical and outdoor education, I continue with my passionate interest in landscape aesthetics, geomorphology and environmental ecology, and these passions provided the themes for my engaging story, Banksia – a kangaroo’s tale.

I started orienteering in Queensland in 1975 and am a foundation member of the Toohey Forest Orienteering Club in the southern suburbs of Brisbane. I have been committed to the sport ever since and still contribute in a substantial way as a mapper, competitor, event official and a coach of up and coming juniors.

I believe my greatest achievement in orienteering has been in the successful lobbying I carried out to have the annual Australian Schools Orienteering Championships established as a national carnival under the joint banners of School Sport Australia and Orienteering Australia. As the national secretary for School Orienteering from 1989-1999 I was able to promote the importance of the event and have seen it grow in the quality and depth of the performances of students and in its national overall prestige.

So in my first novel, there is no surprise that the story is told with maps, drawn with OCAD software, as well as illustrations to supplement the text as the characters, both animal and human, explore the imaginary world of the Banksia Peninsula.  When I named the novel I was blissfully unaware that there is a Banksia Peninsula in Gippsland, Victoria, which is in a landscape quite different from the imagined peninsula described in the story.

The book should has wide appeal to all who love the Australian outdoors and can be purchased for $9.95 plus postage directly from Rob by email to robinsimson5@bigpond.com . It is also available through the Boolarong Press website.

My second novel takes up a different theme in outdoor education and should have appeal to many Geography teachers and outdoor educators as well as the bushwalking and orienteering fraternity.

About rpsimson1936

Retired geography and outdoor education teacher who loves orienteering and writes novels.
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