Impressed by Spain

I have been missing in Europe and left my Blog mostly unattended except from one post from Madrid, so I need to get cracking over the next two weeks.
Spain. What a fabulous country I have just visited. The history of all the towns and cities, the splendid architecture, the spectacular mountains, the speed and lilt on the Spanish voice, the rhythm and energy of the Flamenco dancers in Saville, the amazing motorways with their tunnels and spectacular bridges, the exciting vibe of cities like Barcelona. The impressions keep flowing. It is a pity to hear they are in financial strife.
In Saville we watched the May Day march beat its way through the streets with the drum of protest filling the air. They certainly like their flags, waving as vigorously as flamenco skirts.
It makes me aware of what a different world I write about here in Australia. We have our own heritage and cultural trays but it is hard I think to match the Spanish energy.
So more thoughts on this next time I write. I leave you with a photo I took of the Roman aqueduct that serviced the castle and surrounding city of Sergovia in the central mountains of Spain. Simply amazing what they could build 2000 years ago.

About rpsimson1936

Retired geography and outdoor education teacher who loves orienteering and writes novels.
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