Landscape and Memory

Recently a friend asked me could he borrow my copy of Landscape & Memory by British historian, Simon Schama. In his book Schama discusses his memories and the history of natural landscapes in his familiar homeland of Lithuania and neighbouring Baltic countries. The request prompted me to look into what I had written about the Carnarvon Ranges back in the 1970s when I was still active as a Geographical educator rather than a fiction author. here is a quotation from my little Booklet, The Carnarvon Scene, written in 1974.
The spectacularsandstone cliffs of Carnarvon Gorge, ordained in splendid white, or dappled in pink or purple, and fretted by time into intricate patterns of form and line, stand like ancient fortresses above Kooramindanjie Plain. Supposedly named by the aborigines,Kooramindanjie, the

Mt Gravatt High students camped on Kooramindanjie Plain in 1969

My son and daughter, Arnold and Jennifer, crossing Carnarvon Creek, 1969.’place of the kangaroos, is now the place of many campfires.

‘place of the kangaroos, is now the place of many campfires.

I took groups from Mt. Gravatt High School to Carnarvon National Park in 1966,1969 and 1972. Students organised their own provisions and did their own cooking. Camping on the plain is now restricted to Easter and Xmas Holidays and bookings are essential.



My young family accompanied me on the Carnarvon trips. The photos have faded over the years but the memories are still strong.

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Retired geography and outdoor education teacher who loves orienteering and writes novels.
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1 Response to Landscape and Memory

  1. Ron Curtis says:

    Hi Bob, I was one of the 72 Mt Gravatt High students who went to Carnarvon. I know Gordon Graham has told you about our 40 yr reunion but not sure if you know the details. Hope this gets to you so you can see if you can make it.
    Sat 3 November, from 4:30 pm at the Mt Gravatt pub.
    Please let me know if you can make it & pass on to any of the other teachers or students you know. Thanks
    Ron Curtis –

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