Well it is already over a weak since my last blob and I find mysef being very forgetful. I witnessed today a friend working with a speech therapist to restore her speech and brain function after an operation to remove a brain tumour. It is sad for my friend, but it highlights how closely intwined are our speech and our brain functioning, and that we will all suffer deterioration with aging even without a dramatic occurrence like a brain tumour.

recently I have noticed a lot incidents when I forgot an appointment or where I left my car keys etc., etc. etc. i know you might say, ‘join the club!’ yet it is interesting to note how the frequency of these events are occurring with me.
None of my characters in Cave Hill appear to have a memory retention problem, yet don’t conclude that the reminiscences of James or the other characters are as it happened in the eyes of the others. Could you retell a scene such as the bushfire at Carnarvon Station from the perspective of one of the other characters? Susan’s or Penny’s perhaps? Or the accident to Mr. Makepeace from Trent’s memory of what happened. hat is a challenge for the reader.

About rpsimson1936

Retired geography and outdoor education teacher who loves orienteering and writes novels.
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