At Last!

It is over a month since my last post. Just shows that writing does not have such a high priority in my life.
On Sunday I head to Roma to seek to promote Cave Hill and then to Carnarvon for the Great Walk with friends. When I was there in 2010 the weather was hot and dry and the walk was closed because of fires. we are hoping for better weather this time. I am looking forward to reaching Battleship Spur the famed lookout down the Gorge and then re-vsiting Consuelo Tableland where quite a bit of the action in Cave Hill is set. I wonder if there will be a fog or if we will encounter a herd of Brumbies as in the story. It will be my first time on the Tableland since 1976.
I hope my fitness hold up as some of the six days will be very long and arduous.I hope to visit the Carnarvon Wilderness Lodge and sell some books there.

About rpsimson1936

Retired geography and outdoor education teacher who loves orienteering and writes novels.
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3 Responses to At Last!

  1. Gordon Graham says:

    Hope you enjoy your trip “Bob” and it brings back all those memories and more that we all have,

    By the way… get ready for another reunion invite, it has been 10 years, we will be in touch

    Gordon Graham and all those I can remember…. Springy, Ronnie Curtis, Mitch, Bretty, Robyn G, Jackie, Terry, Colin, Rodney S, Heather, Merrin, Caroline, Dave Chadwick and others of course…MGSH Bushwalking Club 1972

    • rpsimson1936 says:

      Hi Gordon
      Great to see you have discovered my Blog and wonder if you have read the book? if you have and enjoyed please tell your friends and the old Mt. Gravatt High crew. I also have so many great memories and some of the incidents from those years are reflected in the Cave Hill story. I will look forward to meeting up with many of you if invited to a reunion.


      • Gordon Graham says:

        Hello Rob,
        You will be most welcome, I will be in touch. I also have fond memories of “running away from the camp” and spending a night away on the top at Carnarvon.
        Off to Spicers Peak today with my grown up kids, I carry a picnic hamper and a few cold ones instead of a climbing rope these days and look after base camp!

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