Carnarvon Great Walk


Crossing Carnarvon Creek

Carnarvon Great Walk was opened in 2008. Ever since the desire to tackle it has been niggling at me. At age 76, should I have a go at it. Six days on the trail, and some 1200m of climb, including 600m on the second day, to reach the spectacular lookout at the tip of Battleship Spur. Well last week I did it, I am not sure how, but I was crazy enough and my friends nursed me through, and there is now great joy in my heart at having completed it.

The walk begins with a tramp up Carnarvon Gorge to the Big bend campsite. Next day is a climb up to Battleship Spur to the iconic viewpoint over the winding gorge. This is a tough climb carrying 18kg of camping gear and rations, but it is all worthwhile when you take your own photographs at the spectacular viewing point. Then you take two days to get to the campsite on the West Branch of the Maranoa River. The next two days are spent climbing up to the basalt capped Consuelo Tableland where camp sites have been established with tank water. On the final day you descend from te point of Bangala Ridge with views out over the Precipice Sandstone cliffs and to features like the Devil’s Signpost. We had a severe storm during the night at the West Branch camp and another light shower on our descend on the last day, but otherwise the weather was fine with cooling breezes during the day.

view from Battleship Spur

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Retired geography and outdoor education teacher who loves orienteering and writes novels.
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