Christmas Stories

For many years I wrote Christmas stories and poems for my Grand Children, Nicole and Aaron, as they grew up. As their expectation grew about the stories they wanted their teddy bears and other cuddly companions included in the tales I wrote. They even provided me with a family chart showing the imagined relationships of all the bear personalities so I didn’t make a fool of myself in their eyes, like having X in Y’s household when she is Z’s spouse, apparently.It was fun including as many of the toys as I could in each annual story and still keep the story moving along with no serious faux pas.

Here is a sample Christmas story:

 HO! HO! HO!


a Christmas Story by Grandad Simson


            Benny, Corduroy, and Sarah were preparing for Christmas. On Christmas Eve Sarah decided to hang up one of her stockings on the Christmas Tree in the hope that Santa Bear would leave her a present. Benny and Cordy were too lazy to hang up stockings. They just told Sarah she was being silly.

‘Santa will remember us,’ said Benny. ‘He always does!’

‘I have an idea,’ said Corduroy feeling mischievous – which was not at all unusual. ‘We can leave a drink for Santa and spike it with some of Aaron’s special sleeping mixture  — that stuff he has been making with his chemistry set.’

‘Cool,’ said Benny, ‘then when Santa comes with our presents he will drink it and fall asleep right here in this room. His sack, with all the presents for the neighbourhood, will fall open and we will be able to get the lot  —  all the toys for all the bears in the district.’

‘It’ll be great,’ said Cordy. ‘We will have a buzz time with all that loot. It will be unreal!’

So Cordy went and found the sleeping mixture and Benny got half a glass of orange juice to go with it.

‘I’ll write a note,’ said Benny. ‘It will read ……..

Dear Santa Bear,

            Thanks for remembering us. You’re a real sport.  We’ll never

            forget you for this . Enjoy your drink. We made it up specially for                         you.

Ho – Ho – Ho !      

            Benny and Corduroy Bear


Now Sarah happened to overhear all those plans being made by the terrible two  –  Benny and Corduroy. She decided to make some plans of her own with the help of Great Uncle Neil and Great Uncle Scott.

When the bears had gone to bed, the two Great Uncles rounded up all the presents they could find that were for Benny and Cordy and locked them away in a safe hiding place and hid the key in an  old train engine that Aaron had made out of Lego blocks. Sarah’s presents were put into her stocking. There were so many that they tumbled over on to the floor.

Neil then dressed in a Santa’s suit and a bear mask. Since he had been getting fat and lazy during the year he looked quite porky, and with the red suit and false beard he looked like the real thing. Just to be sure that he appeared fat enough for Santa Bear, Bruno agreed to be stuffed inside the Santa suit as well.

With everything arranged according to Sarah’s plan, Neil emptied out the orange juice and crashed heavily to the floor pretending to be asleep.

Great Uncle Scott went and woke Benny and Cordy. ‘Did you hear that loud crash,’ he said. ‘Something terrible has happened! Santa Bear has collapsed in the lounge room and can’t keep going on his rounds. You will have to help me revive him!’

Benny and  Cordy looked bleary eyed. They were still half asleep and really thought it was Santa Bear lying there and not Great Uncle Neil.

‘Look,’ said Benny, ‘there are presents for Sarah but the sack is empty and there are no presents for us!’

Cordy got very mad about missing out on any presents and started jumping up and down on Santa Bear  — really Great Uncle Neil. Benny joined in until there was a big bellow from Bruno stuffed inside the Santa suit. They both fell over with surprise.

‘Santa’s tummy must be rumbling,’ said Benny. ‘It must be the effects of the drink we left him.’

‘Yes,’ said Cordy, ‘but what are we going to do? We haven’t got any new toys. All we’ve got is some old bean bag with wind in his stomach . He’s no use to anybody.’

Now Great Uncle Neil didn’t like being called an old bean bag with wind in his stomach  particularly as the windy noise came from Bruno stuffed into the Santa suit. He quickly jumped up pulling off the mask and the beard and took out Bruno who bellowed at the terrible two once again!

Great Uncle Neil grabbed Benny and Cordy by the hair and skin on on the back of their necks. ‘You two naughty bears don’t deserve any presents. You have to earn your presents by being good!’

‘Yes,’ said Great Uncle Scott, ‘you’re only chance will be if you come with me and do all the Christmas washing up at the Old Bear’s Home and then help Aaron for the rest of the day at the Refuge for Lost and Damaged Toy Trains. Only then might you find a key to where your presents are hidden.


‘We’ll do anything,’ said Cordy. ‘We were only playing a joke. We wouldn’t have kept other people’s presents.’

‘No,’ said Benny, ‘it was a harmless prank.’

‘Well now, we don’t think that is quite true,’ said Sarah who with the help of Nicole had been hiding behind the Christmas Tree making a video of all the goings on. ‘It is all recorded on video tape so you will never be able to deny that you tried to drug Santa and steal other bear’s presents. And you were also very mean and rude to Santa Bear even though it was really Great Uncle Neil. You both now have a criminal record!’

‘Just remember, said Great Uncle Neil and Great Uncle Scott. ‘Harmless pranks can sometimes go horribly wrong and naughty little bears have to be given a fright and taught a lesson!’

And then Sarah took the video tape out of the camera and gave it to her Great-Great Grandad to keep it in a safe place where she knew it would be probably lost forever.


……and, ‘Oh! Oh !OHooo!’ cried Bruno. ‘My tummy’s still hurting!’




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