Into the Sunset

For six months I have been lost in the turmoil of selling up our home of 40 years, discarding half or what we own, and then moving house and settling into a new life-style in a retirement village. None of this has been easy while caring for my wife, Dorothy, whose dementia symptoms continue to reduce her life and mine to something akin to the absurdity of pantomime. Those laughs are important to ward off the cries and thus keep us sane.
Although I have only written two posts  since November, my pen has not been idle. Throughout the chaos of my life in 2015 I have been working on my memoir, To and From God, an examination of my spiritual and ethical life. I finished what I hoped to be the final draft in January, but my wonderful editor, Karen Cox, decided it needed a major tense change, present to past, and a reshuffling of content. Just simple changes she seemed to say, when I saw her prognosis as major surgery.
Now however we are nearly there with the final text proofread, formatted for Ebook publishing and the cover design imminent. No more seeking a mainstream publisher we are following the trend, get it out there and then promote. If it is seen as a good read or appeals to a niche market it will sell. If it just attracts the occasional reader at least I will still have a feeling of achievement while feeling courageous about laying bear a lot about me which even close friends and family didn’t know. They will either criticize or applaud while understanding me more intimately and looking back at their own lives. For although we live our lives forward we must inevitably examine them backwards. To and From God is very likely to be a prompt to others.
Ahead the next lot of turmoil, there being no danger of being faced with a life without projects to work on. Now in my eightieth year I fear the hour glass is running out and I cannot flip it much as I might wish to. The bucket list is alarmingly large with little prospect of it ever being emptied, while the best plans can be upset by an unexpected puncture of the plan’s container. I hanker for my youth again, but must settle for what is. Life does not necessarily offer joy, yet I must say I have experienced many privileges and should not complain. I go On into the Sunset.IMG_0092

About rpsimson1936

Retired geography and outdoor education teacher who loves orienteering and writes novels.
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