After defeat

I opened my first novel, Banksia – a kangaroo’s tale, yesterday and read this piece about Sandy the kangaroo adjusting to the fact that he had been beaten by his mate Badger in a tussle for superiority in the mob. I thought the passage appropriate to reflect on given the squabble in the Liberal Party and hence the demise of Tony Abbot as Australian Prime Minister.


As some strength came back to him Sandy took to reviewing his situation. He was well short of full maturity and if well nourished he could grow considerably taller and heavier. He remembered back to the size and capabilities of Buck – something he might have attained if things had gone differently. There was envy there, a feeling he couldn’t avoid. Buck had been a strong leader, the sire of most of the grey roos in the valley, but Buck was also a bully – a tyrant with power over the mobs and no sensitivity. Is that what happens to leaders? All leaders? Was such a state worth emulating while he still had a sense of wonder that needed feeding? There were other things to do with one’s life. He had not yet reached and impasse. A cleft would surely open to other possibilities. Sandy accepted he would have to live with a number of disabilities – a wounded shoulder, a crippled paw, a damaged face and neck and now a scratched cornea and a scarred chest. He would not attain physical greatness or sexual elitism. He might never again experience the euphoria of happiness. Well happiness with out the juxtaposition of hardship could be boring. He might need to leave the mob but he could take other pathways in adulthood? Curiosity, knowledge, wisdom, even humility could be more worthwhile than superiority and pride, so long as he lived life to the full.

About rpsimson1936

Retired geography and outdoor education teacher who loves orienteering and writes novels.
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