Am I the Universe?


Today I ask myself am I my universe, am I all that is? I know this sounds absurd, but everything that is happening to me makes me feel this way. There are all the coincidences in my favour, all the care and love coming from family, friends and my Palliative Care team, my prostate cancer and recent trip to Canberra in December all satisfying experiences in their own way, and the books and podcasts that mysteriously arrive at the best time for me to appreciate their messages, the philosophy involved.

So is there a theory for this — my Theory of Everything?

Version 1
I am indeed the cosmos, there is nothing else but my mind. It is a dream. It has no origin, no God creating it. No super power behind in the wings. Just nebulous me. Dream time me.

Version 2
I am not exactly the cosmos but the conscious extent of it. The experience that gives it identity and memory. Everything else wraps around in an ecology of interacting events and thoughts.

Version 3
I am duped. This is all fake news. My thoughts, and indeed all my ‘life’ is being manipulated by some other power, what many will say is God and I will rather say is mystery, like an unfathomable cosmic Black Hole has been to scientists.

Perhaps all this will become clear when I am snuffed out? I doubt it.

Robin Simson 16 Jan 2018


About rpsimson1936

Retired geography and outdoor education teacher who loves orienteering and writes novels.
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