Dreaming with Dementia

Dreaming with Dementia

This week I listened to an ABC podcast from All In The Mind that dealt with sleep disorders and sleep depredation and I began wonder if my wife who is in a nursing home with advanced dementia still dreams while she lies there on her back alone during the night.

Throughout our married life I would often wake from a dream and capture its content in my mind, but the details would soon be lost unless I talked about it. Dorothy would not be interested saying she didn’t dream or didn’t remember a dream, and if it was a dream about the future she would totally rubbish me. So now I have these questions for All In The Mind:

Do patients with advanced dementia still dream?
Would such dreams take them back to their earlier active life and be a comfort for them?
Is it possible that a person who never remembers that they dream is very likely to develop dementia because the same area of the brain is being affected?
And therefore, is this non-dreaming-non-dream-remembering syndrome a diagnostic test — a predictor of the likelihood of dementia later in life?

I am hoping for answers on another All In The Mind podcast from the ABC.

About rpsimson1936

Retired geography and outdoor education teacher who loves orienteering and writes novels.
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