New perspectives on evolution

An article by Piero Pasolini, physicist and christian preacher, was kindly given to me by a friend, Jonas Bernotas, and it proved not only interesting but challenging for my atheist position of entirely shunning God and those religious perspective I grew up with.

The author develops the idea that evolution was the work of God beginning with the creation of the universe and has continued in a unending chain of events. This means that he sees intelligent life (in other words Homo sapiens) as part of that hugely extensive chain from the ’big bang’ to our present Earth times. However, he proclaims the ultimate revelation of this theory was delivered by Jesus with the Last Supper pronouncement, ‘This is my Body ‘ and is repeated every time in the Christian Eucharist. In this Jesus is revealing to humanity the true source of evolution is God not just associating evolution with ‘life’ on Earth but with life forms, including intelligent life, elsewhere in the universe on other planets.

My problem with all this is the inconceivable idea that there is this evolution of ‘life’ forms in many if not thousands, or even millions, of places elsewhere in the universe which Jesus of Nazareth could have no understanding of, given the historical era in which he lived in here on Earth. Secondly, since there were literate societies with language, writing and art 4,000 years before Jesus Christ’s birth amongst the Hebrews, why wasn’t this message delivered by a much earlier prophet. And thirdly, if the compassionate God that the religious humans pray to actually exists, why is this God driving a ‘survival of the fittest’ style of evolution resulting in so much violence, suffering, and cruelty; including the sustained cruelty and attempted genocide suffered by Aboriginal Australians, and the horrific chaining and lashing of convicts prisoners. 

Pasolini elaborates his article with the concept of syntropy, the opposite of the scientific principal of entropy, and first expounded by Luigi Fantappiè in 1941 in order to describe the mathematical properties of the advanced waves solution of the Klein-Gordon equation which unites Quantum Mechanics with Special Relativity, postulating that there is a tendency towards energy concentration, order, organization and life, in contra-distinction to the more scientifically acceptable concept of entropy, that is retro-causality leading to persistent and more complex organization. 

It is another huge jump of faith that the God-force always had in mind the principal of syntropy and would eventually produce order and harmony if only all humans believed in this message as it is revealed in the Eucharist. 

My agnosticism has not departed me as a result of Pasolini’s theory, but it did force me  to justify again in my mind that there no God, no so-styled Creator-being or force.

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Retired geography and outdoor education teacher who loves orienteering and writes novels.
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